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Dec. 22, 2018

“About Everything…”

SM-ART.ART is proud to present its New Year exhibition “About Everything…” featuring new works by artist Nikolay Nasibov.
It was not by chance that we decided to end 2018 with this particular exhibition. Nikolay Nasibov has been a kind of talisman to our activity. Throughout the year we held two of his exhibitions, one of which we extended for a longer period of time upon numerous requests. Some people ask us: “Why is there so much of Nasibov?” We simply can not share his monumental pieces with you. Living in a constant search for creativity, being inspired every moment in life, the artist continually creates true masterpieces. His paintings, the technique of their execution, the scale and energy are admired by both professionals, colleagues and art lovers.
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The exhibition will feature many new works created over the past few months, as well as the installation which was a massive hit with visitors at our previous exhibition. The artist continues to touch upon philosophical themes, good and evil, love, infatuation, reveals the theme of human vices; all the while creating large-scale abstract canvases in a technique inherent to him. With this exhibition, we want to sum up the result of our first year working as a gallery and get our visitors in the mood for Christmas. You can expect pleasant surprises and special pre-New Year prices!
Looking forward to seeing you from 22 dec - 30 dec! The opening hours are 14:00 till 19:30 all week.