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Yulia Morris

    Fall. 2009. Then accountant at the Moscow bureau of the Associated Press, Yulia Morris came across her colleagues deciding upon two photographs for the annual calendar. "I like this one more," she observed, as she pointed her hand to one of the photographs. "Do you know anything about photography?" she was asked by one of the staff members."Whether I do or not, I have an opinion and I enjoy visiting photo galleries" she responded. "Bring your 10 best photographs next week" was the reply she got from Russia's prominent photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Alexander Zemlianichenko, who shortly after that became her mentor. And just like that Yulia embarked on her photographic journey, seeking guidance from the entire award-winning Associated Press photography staff. Yulia strives to capture the very moment, to observe and wait when necessary, to capture an image from her own vantage point.