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Graphic Arts

Mikhail Shemyakin

    Soviet, Russian and American artist and sculptor. Born in 1943 in Moscow. Most of his childhood was spent in the German Democratic Republic. His family returned back to the USSR in 1957. From 1957 to 1961 he studied at the secondary school of art at the State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under the name of I.E. Repin, from which he was expelled for non-compliance with the norms of socialist realism. His first ever exhibition was held the following year in 1962. In 1967 he formed the artist group “Petersburg” that existed until the 1970s. In 1971 he was deported from the USSR to France under the threat of criminal prosecution. In 1981 he organised exhibitions in Paris and published works of his colleagues - Russian artists and writers. He was awarded five honorary doctorates. In 2000 he established the “Imaginary Museum of Mikhail Shemyakin” in Hudson, USA. He is the author of numerous monuments, sculptural compositions in Russia and abroad. Between 2002-2003 he ran a series of lectures on art history on the Russian channel “Culture.” In 1993 he received the state award in the field of literature and art. In 2009 he was awarded a medal by then President of the Russian Federation, D.A. Medvedev, for his contribution in strengthening friendships and his cooperation and development of cultural ties with Russia. He participated in many exhibition all over the world and his works are in the collections of many museums in Russia, the United States, France Poland, CIS countries and in private collections. In the present day, he works for the theatre and cinema.