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Evgeniya Dvoskina

    Artist, illustrator Evgeniya Dvoskina works and lives in Moscow. Memories of her childhood always include wanting to create and decorate something. Over 1000 of her drawings have been published in “Scarlet Sail” -- a page in the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” intended for teenagers. Adding on to that, she has illustrated numerous newspapers and magazines such as “Pioneer”, “Moscow Komsomolets”, “Ogonyok” “Cities of Women” and others. She has graduated from the “Art College in memory of 1905” in Moscow and is a member of both the Union of Artists and International Federation of Artists. She has been illustrating books since the 1980’s. The ever-growing list includes books by E.R. Raspe (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), Astrid Lindgren (Emil from Lennenberg, Pippi Longstocking, Pirates from the Island of Malaren), Nikolai Nosov (Dunno on the Moon) Erich Kastner (Emil and the Detectives) Sasha Chorniy (Micky the Fox Terrier's Diary), modern children’s writers and poets Marina Boroditskaya, Arthur Givargizov, Kseniya Dragunsky, Boris Minaev, Eugeny Pasternak and Andrei Zhvalevsky. Author and illustrator of “Small Buttons – A book on low fashion from A to Z,” published in 2002.