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Artem Diatyan

    Artem Diatyan was born in Moscow in 1969 to a family of an architect and a diplomat. In his paintings, Artem often seeks to overcome the rigid construction of abstract compositions, subordinating it to dynamic energy, which finds its existential recharge in layering and polysemy both at the same time. This, in turn, allows the viewer to find something personal, private and sacred in the piece. At the same time the genesis of a work of art is directly verified by the creator, who, year after year tries to bring the painting to perfection. Finding the poetic plasticity of his individual style is what he always searches for. His method of working may be addressed to as the presence effect.” His paintings are in private collections in Russia,USA, Serbia, France, Saudi-Arabia, Armenia. Spain, Chile, Switzerland, China, as well as in various art funds.