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Alexandr Tito

    Alexandr Tito was born on April 23, 1991 in Belarus, in a military family. His father is a retired colonel, a veteran of the Afghan war, while his mother taught preschool. Despite the fact that his parents worked all the time and often left him home alone, he had a happy childhood. A box of toys, a little blue Hippo sewn by his mother, a game console, vcr tapes and a poodle given by his parents. It is this love for cartoons that is reflected in his work. The artist always wanted to be a designer, but his parents insisted he entered the faculty of applied informatics at the Moscow State Industrial University. Parallel to his studies, he continued to develop his interests and talents: he engaged in photography, drawing and writing music. After graduation, he worked as a purchasing Director in a construction holding company and a marketing specialist. However, the desire to be fully engaged in creativity never left Alexandr. As the artist himself says: “the main thing is to move towards a dream, doing what you love and not to spend your life on something that does not find a response in your soul.”