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Roman Reznitsky


“7 sins” is a provocative project by Russian artist Roman Reznitsky, which combines 7 paintings in accordance with the Christian tradition: Pride, Wrath, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed and Envy. One glance is enough to understand that this series has little to do with the traditional depiction of the seven deadly sins, especially when it comes to Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Bright colours and the interpretation of the plot itself may seem as a spectacular demonstration of human vices, rather than a moral warning against forbidden passions. Looking at the painting, one wants to succumb to temptation rather than embrace austerity. The artist himself insists that he does not propagandize sinfulness but tries to understand what lies beneath the concept of the “seven deadly sins” and what it means to the modern man, whether he is afraid of punishment, whether he controls his thoughts and actions in accordance with the scripture. He does not exclude that some manifestations of the human essence have passed from the category of “sinful” into the category of a “cult”. Read more

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