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Decorative panel ""Way of life"

Nikolay Nasibov


A decorative panel on a rigid base made of a composite material consisting of two aluminium plates with an inner layer. The expressive gloss on the front side of the panel is not subject to temperature changes. The amazing colour rendition of the picturesque canvas complements any interior with live intonations. The print is made from the original work of art made by the talented artist Nikolay Nasibov in 2017. "The path of life is a wide staircase leading our soul upwards. We can walk the stairs for a long time, but at the end of the day we will reach the same point. This is the law of the universe and humanity." N. Nasibov. The prints are limited edition. It is possible to make prints of smaller format by request. Production time is 7 working days. Remaining: 8 Read more

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