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In the tabs you will find general information about the project and the sale of works of art, as well as the production of decorative and functional art products.
  • About art and our motives
    Why are we interested in art? We attend exhibitions and concerts, visit galleries and museums...what does this give us? Why do we purchase a print and hang it in a frame in a specific room in our house? We observe, admire, remember, we agonise...the state of interpretation of the energy of a work of art that the author has invested in it and our condition is so strong that at times that we yearn for that repetition, to meet with the beautiful over and over again. At SM-ART.ART we thought about how to extend this self-enrichment. We selected captivating contemporary artists and photographers and placed their works on our website. While the artists are experiencing a surge in the value of their work, we have created a diversity of art-products based on the original works of art, which are more than approachable. After all, prints, silk scarves and shawls and home accessories carry in themselves that same emotional charge that present art always gives us. Our collection will please discerning collectors of paintings, graphic art, vintage photographs and those who simply love decorating their home with objects dear to them.
  • What we have to offer
    On our online platform you may find another direction- we create unique interior items. With the help of a specific process we transfer abstract and figurative art onto any surface, including glass, wood and aluminium. Our gallery welcomes people with different interests, as well as those who love and collect paintings, graphics, vintage and contemporary photography. Those who want to acquire a print or buy an original gift of art or dreams of owning exquisite art furniture pieces created on the basis of famous works of art. Our artists are known worldwide and have taken part in various exhibitions, while their artwork is presented in various galleries and museums in Russia, Europe, USA and other countries. Everyone will find something of their liking at our gallery. We offer you: • Painting • Graphic Art • Photography • Limited Edition • Interior items When selecting art for our gallery we were not only guided by our love for the beauty and eccentricity in art, but were also given recommendations by known art historians and experienced collectors. We now invite you to participate in the creation of souvenirs, prints and home accessories based on the original works of art that you can find in our collection. It is here that you can realise your grand ideas in the form of art-products.
  • Painting and Graphic Art
    Splashes of colour in a painting can alter the mood and particular art affects our emotions. Bright, inimitable abstractions, thin transparent watercolours, bewitching portraits. Original works of art have been highly valued all throughout history. Specialists, however, claim that connoisseurs of fine and relief graphic art also fall under the influence of emotional spells. Minimalist graphic art touches the strings of the soul and creates a feeling of refinement. At our gallery we offer you all kinds of picturesque and graphic art: paintings on canvas, works on paper and cardboard and graphic art by well-known masters.
  • Sculpture
    How are sculptures born? Firstly, the sculptor makes a small sketch, no matter what the material. This could be plasticine, clay, wood, wire, whatever - a kind of fixation of an idea, a common purpose. Further, the idea should stand, gain strength and energy to implement. From time to time, the artist looks at the sketch and presents what the size of the sculpture should be, the material, makes some amendments, works through the detail. That is when the object is ripe for the intention and vision of the master, when the idea can be put into circulation. Sculpting is a costly process and very few can afford to reproduce the works of the initial size they had in mind. The sculptural compositions presented on our platform can be realised in any required size and material for a specific space and the wishes of the customer.
  • Art-products
    Art-products are not just a copy of your favourite artwork, it is in fact a transfer of the artist’s intention, his mood and emotional state to a wide range of spectators and to those who had not been previously acquainted with the beauty in art. Many are familiar with the situation where there is a need to buy an original gift but some ideas have become repetitive, maybe even kitsch. Our art-products are limited edition, which makes it that much more unique and increases its cost in the future. Art books, scarves and shawls, exclusive furniture and home accessories - all this allows you to be in possession of a speck of the artist’s lives. • Direction of art-products: • Art books • Artist Prints • Dibond • Designer furniture • Accessories
  • Art Books
    Art books do not need an official presentation. Flipping through books with sumptuous illustrations, we repeatedly plunge into a magical world of art. You will always find albums and books on art on coffee tables in the most exquisite living rooms.
  • Prints
    An artist print is a copy of a painting or a photograph printed on a certain surface. Modern achievements in the area of printing allow you to apply any image onto almost any material. Various types of paper are used to make prints. It is a very subtle art to choose the material, type of lamination and format, fully reflecting the artist’s idea, in order to preserve the original demeanour of the painting or photograph. The subframes and foam board are usually used as a rigid base for prints. Our gallery has been one of the first to use dibond - an aluminium composite material. Top furniture boutiques in Moscow decorate their interiors with prints from our gallery, made specifically using this technique.
  • Designer Furniture
    Taking into account the wishes of a particular customer, in the section titled ‘Furniture’ on the Art-products page, you may find a version of the table ‘Dreams and Fears’ https://sm-art.art/ru/catalog-art/detail/1292/. Create a unique piece of furniture using any of the presented images by Nikolay Nasibov. Our website contains several options for a table top. Each table top is an independent work of art and bears the artist’s autograph, alongside a certificate of authenticity. By request it can be created in a single copy. Replication and reproduction by other manufacturers will be prosecuted by law, as SM-ART.ART has the exclusive license for all used images. The base of the table is designed in accordance with the wishes of the customer. This table will become the center of any interior. We continued working in this direction and have received orders for other pieces of furniture, which was an amazing surprise for us - the creators of the project. Art and its influence on our life has spawned a demand for copyright furniture. We are glad that you - our customers and art lovers aspire to create a truly unique interior and we are willing to help you with that.
  • Resume
    In addition to original works of art, our art gallery offers a wonderful assortment of decor items, accessories, art books and other art products. It will not leave you indifferent!